Canine Turkey Tail Matrix

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Certified Organic Turkey Tail mushroom supplement for dogs at a reasonable price. Recommended by Vets, Turkey Tail Matrix provides your dog or cat with natural whole food support. Backed by research, the nutrients in Turkey Tail Matrix provide unique immune support. In fact, some of these nutrients occur only in functional mushrooms. Combine Turkey Tail Matrix with Canine MRM for additional support if your pet is recovering from illness or injury. Grown & processed in California, our made-in-the-USA Turkey Tail Matrix promotes health and wellness naturally. With no additives, fillers, preservatives or gluten, Turkey Tail Matrix offers pure, whole-food nutrition.  Easy to feed, just moisten and mix into raw, dry or wet food. 


Key Benefits

  • Powerful immune system support*
  • Recommended by Vets for animals with critical health conditions*
  • Naturally occurring antioxidants to help boost overall health and wellness*
  • May be given along with other Canine Matrix products.
  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Grown, processed and packaged in the USA


*Please consult your Veterinarian with any questions you may have about your pets health.

    Certified Organic Mushroom: Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) mycelial biomass, primordia and/or fruit body powder cultured on organic oats. Organic, Myceliated Oats. 

    Administer Orally.  ½ teaspoon per 25lbs per day.  We recommend double dosing the first 3 weeks of use (morning & evening if practical).  Continue double dosing when needed.  Mix into wet or dry food, moistening if needed. Please see our FAQs for additional suggestions. Great for our feline friends too.

    DOSAGE: 1 Gram (1/2 teaspoon) per 25 lbs per day.

    For animal use only. Not for human use.If you are concerned about the welfare of your animal at any time, please consult your veterinarian. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Contents packed by weight not volume.  Some settling may occur.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews
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    Beth B.
    United States United States
    So far, so good.

    My girl Bella started the turkey tail 11 months ago following ********* ****** surgery. I did some research before starting her on it, plus my Vet recommended it. April 16 will be one year post op and she is doing great!! So far, so good. ❤️❤️

    Mushroom Matrix Canine Turkey Tail Matrix Review
    United States United States
    Clever marketing but not all bad

    My hesitancy for a 5 star review is not aimed at the inclusion of mycelial biomass but rather the exclusion of fruiting bodies into their products. As stated in the ingredients, this product contains "primordia and/or fruit body." Emphasis on the AND/OR. I've done the research, I know that the inclusion of mycelium offers more than the mushroom alone, but would prefer to see consistent inclusion of the "fruit body" with the mycelium and primordia. Because primordia is the immature state of a mushroom thereby taking less time from cultivation to harvest, it seems like it is a way to to make more product in less time (than it would take to let the mature mushroom form -- the fruit body) and yet still technically be able to label a product as "mushroom powder."

    Mushroom Matrix

    Thanks for your review. We hear your concerns about whether the Turkey Tail has sufficient benefits without including the fruiting body in the final product. We can assure you the answer is yes! We cultivate mushrooms in individual bioreactor bags that protect them from airborne contamination. The bags allow the mushrooms to “breathe” as they grow. Once the mycelial stage is depleted, the next growth stage occurs and fruit body development (primordia) initiates. This event is enough to trigger the nutrient phase present in the fruiting body. Please be assured our process is not intended to “product more product in less time”. Rather, it is designed to assure we maintain an optimized growing environment to provide your pet with the most efficacious and safe product available.

    jacquelyn s.
    United States United States
    Good stuff!

    It seems to be working very well for my dog. He has a ***** on his spleen and I’m doing whatever I can to prolong his life painlessly. I hope this continues to work!

    TOMAS O.
    United States United States

    Dante is cleaning his bowl every evening he loves the taste.. before he left half his food behind....all the good stuff should be happening inside.

    Patrick B.
    United States United States
    Turkey Tail/Maximum Recovery

    Left rating before about not wasting your money on buying this product. I was happy to see the response from the owners who helped me understand a bit more on how and why Canine Matrix products are of extreme benefit for your dogs. I recently lost my boxer mix to bladder ****** and while he was undergoing ***** i was urgently searching for a **** or a magical product to prolong his life. I was researching the internet for the best product available, but every product guarantees that their product is great. I was elated to know that this company so stands behind their product and does the testing needed to confirm results and the health of our pets. Although, I lost my best friend of almost 14 years, I have 2 other older faithful companions, Siberian husky and a golden retriever in their golden years, who thrive on their daily doses of Turkey Tail combined with Maximum Recovery. I thank the owners for the free replacement to continue to use the product and will continue to reorder and keep my 2 buddies as healthy as possible with a great feeding diet and Canine Matrix supplementation!

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